Music School

Music Tuition Service


Music tuition is available on both a one on one basis and small group tuition. The minimum age for private music tuition is 7 years, there is no upper age limit. At all levels pupils are taught music theory in addition to their instrumental tuition.

Music Dancing Feet is able to offer introductory music tuition to pupils aged 4 – 7 years through the Dogs and Birds method. PleaseĀ contact us for further information.

All required tuition music (that is exam and repertoire) and theory textbooks/workbooks are bought by the school and then issued to pupils with an appropriate invoice as required. The reason for this is at times the teachers would prefer pupils to play music that is not contained within the set books (piano/recorder). These can sometimes be difficult to source, but will help give a more balanced programme.

Music Dancing Feet offers specialist music tuition in the following:

  • Music Theory
  • Piano/Piano Duets/Piano Trios
  • Keyboard
  • French Horn
  • Trumpet/Cornet
  • Recorder
  • Other Brass Instruments upon request
  • Aural Training
  • Keyboard Musicianship
  • Sight Reading Skills



Music Examinations

Exams are normally taken with the Trinity College London exam board in both Practical and Theory exams though as required pupils can be entered with the Associated Board for theory exams. Exams using both the graded and certificate syllabus are taken in preparation for those wishing to progress to diploma level.


All pupils taking instrumental lessons will be required to own a suitable instrument to practice on at home. All parents/pupils are advised to speak to the teacher in regards to individual instruments and circumstances for the appropriate advice. Please bear in mind that instruments suitable for beginners may not be suitable for pupils once they have progressed beyond the early stages.

For appointments, please email or call Mark on 01652 648563