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At the Music Dancing Feet Partnership our music and dance journey provides pupils – whether children or adults with more than just a music or dance lesson.  We will aspire to inspire you, help boost your confidence, self-esteem and creativity.  Along the way you’ll build vital life skills such as resilience, courage and teamwork.  All achieved through a world of music and dance – not just tuition on a specific instrument or in an individual dance style.

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Debbie Mitchell (Studio Owner & Dance Consultant)

Debbie Mitchell


I started dancing at the age of 3, because my brother (Scott) went dancing with his friends and at that stage, ever competitive: “anything he could do, I could do better”.   Initially Mum was told that I was too young, but after much pleading was allowed to give it a trial for a couple of weeks – here I am 40+ years later. Its incredible to think that we start children now from as young as 18 months old.

I always get asked what my favourite style of dance is, as a child, it was always sequence dancing, as it was the only type of dance, where I could remember the routines – being in strict 16 bars. Now though, I don’t have a favourite – if I did, that would become apparent in my pupils and I need everyone to achieve their full potential (not mine).

Everyone will tell you that I grew up wanting to be a dance teacher, well I did, but more than that I wanted to be a ‘World Champion’ – unfortunately for that I needed a dance partner and the Miners Strike put paid to my chances of having a partner, without moving to an area such as London. Instead I focused on becoming a teacher, passing my first professional exam at 16 and not stopping until I’d got all the way through to the highest level of Fellowship.

I first opened my own dance school “Ballroom Blitz” on a part-time basis, when I was 21 – it had to be part-time, as I only had 6 pupils then.

I never liked school, so I left when I was 16, initially I’d always been told that I wasn’t clever – that wasn’t the case, I just hadn’t found the subjects that suited me, or the best method of learning – something else that I’m passionate about. To prove people wrong, I continued to study (on a part-time basis whilst working full time) for a Bachelors degree with the Open University, then later for a Masters Degree in Education & Training, but I still have the goal of that ultimate accolade: a Doctorate in Education.

Now I’m also a Governor of a local primary school as its important that children are able to benefit from their time at school as it’s a long time for children to go and not be happy.

Outside of dance, what do I like? I love my dogs: 2 greyhounds called Lady and Flame – you’ll often see them at the studio. I love reading and writing. I love ice-cream. Best of all I love visiting Vienna and Budapest with my husband Mark – especially the relaxing thermal waters – heaven for dance teachers.


Mark Stockford (Financial Partner, Music Professional and Foot Health Professional)

IMG_2062Mark gained a Bachelors Degree in Music at Liverpool University in 1987 and subsequently obtained Licentiate teaching diploma status with Trinity College of London in 1992, as well as Level 4 Diploma in Music Performance (Associate Piano Recital Diploma).

He has been teaching privately since 1987, specializing in Piano, Trumpet, French Horn and Music Theory, covering the complete range of grade examinations as well as the highest level examinations in both performance and teaching diplomas.

Mark has regularly performed with local orchestras including the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra, Hessle Sinfonia and Grimsby Symphony as well as freelance work around the Yorkshire and Humber region.

In addition to his extensive musical knowledge and experience Mark qualified as a Foot Health Professional (Registration No. 22052) with the SMAE Institute in 1990 and has been practising in the area for over 20 years. He works from both a domiciliary and surgery based practice. As a practice we are fully insured through the SMAE Institute for Liability and Medical Malpractice (Master Policy No RTT98753).

Mark is also a member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals.